Automotive Lifting


Automotive Lifting

Streamlining the manufacturing process and bringing increased safety and efficiency to the assembly line is as important to you as it is to us. We have many different handling solutions for you, but we understand the solution you want is often very specific and often related to cost. It’s these details, customizations, and the problem solving we do for you that makes us trusted by companies like Bombardier, MTU Mechanical, CP Rail, Finishmaster Canada, and Sterling Outfitters.

Lifting Solutions for Your Steel, Glass and Other Materials

First and foremost, we’re happy to talk about custom options and solutions. While we have plenty of great offerings that will fit your needs, we certainly welcome phone calls and emails with specific questions and requests for specific customizations.

Lifting and turning large boards of metal, glass and laminate are very easy with the TAWI sheet gripper. It’s user-friendly, easily adaptable, and very innovative in the world of industrial lifting solutions. This technology combines safety (ergonomic handling) with efficiency of all types of board materials. Many other TAWI products have great applications for companies that work in automotive and transportation factories, plants, and workshops. The TAWI vacuum gripper is another impressive piece of equipment that makes moving manufactured materials and assembly line components very easy. It can also be mounted in a TAWI crane system to maximize workflow. Want more details on this solution?

For further moving of boards and sheets of all weights, there are plenty of other tools, including Valley Craft’s Precision Track Quad Steer Trailers. Their trailers handle corners with ease and accurately track in the smallest footprint possible with virtually no drift. Want more details on this solution?

Equipment for Moving, Storing, Warehousing, and Distributing

Facilities of all sizes and industry types need good equipment that can reliably help with loading and unloading your product, whether at the dock/bay or elsewhere. 

One example of a lifting solution we provide involve the Hydraulic Scissor Lift & Tilt Tables from Presto LIfts. Also, their ECOA Loading Dock Lifts are the perfect solution for loading and unloading cargo from trucks with varying bed heights. Want more details on this solution?

For heavy-duty lifting, Demag cranes like the EPKE single-girder overhead travelling crane and the DH hoist unit are sure to help. Once again, customizations are very welcome, especially when it comes to Demag cranes and installing them in your facility’s space. Want more details on this solution?

Lastly, Presto’s PowerStak™ walkies and forklifts are one of many great options we supply for lifting, handling, stacking, and otherwise transporting materials where they need to go. Extremely durable and budget-friendly, this equipment accommodates various pallet sizes and aisle widths. Want more details on this solution?

Safety, Ergonomics and Due Diligence

Not only do our solutions get the job done, but we’re also proud to supply you with industrial lifting solutions that reduce injuries and improve safety in addition to increasing efficiency. We know that each part of Canada has slightly different and nuanced regulations and requirements for ensuring workplace safety. Our machinery will help meet your standards, on paper, and on the ground.

Ensuring that your facility is a secure and harmfree place to work at also means keeping a high level of diligence. For WorkSafeBC, due diligence means “taking all reasonable care to protect the well-being of employees and co-workers. To meet the standard of due diligence, you must take all reasonable precautions in the circumstance to carry out your work and your health and safety responsibilities.” Their documentation goes on to speak about how implementing a health and safety program in order to demonstrate due diligence. Perhaps most importantly, “due diligence can also be used as a defence against monetary penalties or prosecution when requirements have allegedly been violated” (WorkSafeBC).

We highly recommend you get in touch with us at any point in your conversations around workplace safety, efficiency, and anything else related to your industrial needs. We’re ready and waiting to hear from you.

We highly recommend you get in touch with us at any point in your conversations around workplace safety, efficiency, and anything else related to your industrial needs. We’re ready and waiting to hear from you.

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