Pharmaceutical Lifting


Pharmaceutical Lifting

Our service to companies in the health and pharmaceutical industry often means supporting the progression of science, medicine, and the future of wellness in Canada. We provide equipment that can help in the laboratory, blending area, production department, or wherever else your company handles drums, boxes, reels and other containers in a clean, safe, and smart method. We’re trusted by companies like Natural Factors, Aphelion Pharmaceuticals, and others.

Sensitive Handling for Your Pharmaceutical Products

We understand how important reliability, efficiency, and sensitivity is to facility operations. Control is essential, and materials often have to go through many different stages before reaching their final form. In the same way that pharmaceutical items have to go through a lot of testing, our equipment has been tested to the same level. After all, this level of special attention requires special equipment.

Moving steel, fiber, and plastic drums is really easy with technology from Liftomatic and Morse. We have a lot of options for pouring, measuring, and dispensing of drum contents. For instance, Liftomatic’s portable drum dumping and dispensing equipment allows you to lift and accurately measure the weight of each drum as it flows into your production area. Also, Morse’s Safety Enclosure with Safety Interlock equipment is great for standards relating to occupational health and safety. Given all the equipment and solutions we can provide, we recommend you get in touch with us directly so we know exactly what to recommend and how to help you.

For the assembly line of any size, there are plenty of other tools, including Valley Craft’s Heavy Duty Box Dumper. All contents can be quickly and efficiently released from their box or tray package. A simple rotary-switch control activates the chute. Want more details on this solution?

Equipment for Making, Processing, Warehousing, and Distributing

Frequently, pharmaceutical materials can come in bags, sacks, or other types of packs that are difficult to lift and handle. Throughout all the manufacturing processes (milling, granulation, coating, tablet pressing), our industrial equipment can ensure proper operations. Even if contents are in cartons, boxes, etc, our suppliers have thought of a piece of equipment that can help get things off the ground and where they need to go.

Take for instance, the TAWI vacuum lifter and how it enables the secure lifting and movement of bags that small, medium, large, heavy, strangely shaped, etc, without risk to employees or contents. Want more details on this solution?

When it comes to storage and depositories, our offerings include equipment and tools that are related to racks, bins, shelves, cabinets, closets, lockers, store rooms, ramps, docks—you name it! 

Presto’s PowerStak PPS2200 Series walkies are one of many great options we supply for lifting, handling, stacking, and otherwise transporting materials where they need to go. Extremely durable and budget-friendly, these stackers accommodate various pallet sizes and aisle widths. Want more details on this solution?

Safety, Ergonomics and Due Diligence

Not only do our solutions get the job done, but we’re also proud to supply you with industrial lifting solutions that reduce injuries and improve safety in addition to increasing efficiency. We know that each part of Canada has slightly different and nuanced regulations and requirements for ensuring workplace safety. Our machinery will help meet your standards, on paper, and on the ground.

Ensuring that your facility is a secure and harmfree place to work at also means keeping a high level of diligence. For WorkSafeBC, due diligence means “taking all reasonable care to protect the well-being of employees and co-workers. To meet the standard of due diligence, you must take all reasonable precautions in the circumstance to carry out your work and your health and safety responsibilities.” Their documentation goes on to speak about how implementing a health and safety program in order to demonstrate due diligence. Perhaps most importantly, “due diligence can also be used as a defence against monetary penalties or prosecution when requirements have allegedly been violated” (WorkSafeBC).

We highly recommend you get in touch with us at any point in your conversations around workplace safety, efficiency, and anything else related to your industrial needs. We’re ready and waiting to hear from you.

We highly recommend you get in touch with us at any point in your conversations around workplace safety, efficiency, and anything else related to your industrial needs. We’re ready and waiting to hear from you.

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