Econo Lift Ltd.

Econo Lift produces a wide line of ergonomic products such as lift, tilt, turn tables both hydraulic and air bag types as well as stackers and loading dock products. Econo Lift has been the leading manufacturer of quality boat hoists in the midwest for over twenty years.


  • Tote box tilters
  • Straddle tilters
  • Powered tilters
  • Hand pump lift tilters
  • Stationary tilters


  • Light Duty Portable Lift
  • Portable foot pump double scissor lifts
  • Portable foot pump lift tables
  • Light duty stationary lifts
  • Lift tables
  • Heavy duty lift tables
  • Tandem scissor lifts
  • Double scissor lift tables
  • Mechanical gravity tilters
  • Tilt tables
  • Lift/tilt tables
  • Self propelled lift tables
  • Hand pump/battery skid lifts
  • Self propelled portable skid lifts
  • Loading docks
  • Low profile scissor lifts
  • Low profile loading dock


  • Ergo work positioners
  • Hand pump stackers
  • Battery winch stackers with fixed platform

Drive -Ons

  • Drive-on lift tables
  • Drive-on loading docks
  • Drive-on tilt tables
  • Drive-on lift/ tilt tables
  • Drive-on high point tilters
  • Drive-on platform lifts


  • Stationary dumpers
  • Portable drum dumpers
  • Stationary upenders


  • Carousels
  • Manual turntables

Air Bags

  • Tilt Tables
  • Lift Tables
  • Lift/Tilt Tables
  • Ergo self-leveller