Presto Lifts

For 70 years, Presto Lifts, Inc. has been creating precision hydraulic equipment that improves safety and productivity. In 1977, Presto Lifts began producing a full line of manually propelled lifts and stackers under the brand name of Presto. 1990 saw the introduction of the scissor lift table for in-plant applications. Presto Lifts offers more than 500 different models of lifts, tables and tilters — more than any other company in the world.

All Presto products are put through a rigorous 110% testing before shipment, to ensure our high quality standards are met. If service is required, all standard replacement parts are carried in stock and are shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

LiftStik Lifter Transporters

LiftStik Series Lifter Transporters are small, lightweight, highly maneuverable narrow mast stackers. They are ideal for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, laboratory, retail and office applications. For even greater versatility the are available with a variety of platforms, forks and other lifting attachments including V-Cradles, Lifting Arms with Bolts, Reel Mandrels and Reel Rotators.


Since 1944, Presto has been designing and building the industry’s most rugged, durable, and versatile stackers. Today, our extensive line of stackers include Fully Powered Walkies, Manual Drive with Powered Lift and Manual Drive / Manual Lift Units. In all, over 150 specific models are available in Fork Over, Straddle and Counterweight styles. A wide variety of options and accessories allow us to create custom tailored solutions for your specific requirements

Scissor Lift Tables

Presto Lifts offers an unmatched selection of lift table styles, configutations and capacities. In addition to our standard product offering we routinely create custommodified units to suit special requirements.

Lift & Tilt Tables

Presto Scissor Lift & Tilt Tables allow workers to position loads at the ideal height and angle to get work done more efficiently and with less fatique. Available styles include; Hydraulic Scissor Lift & Tilt, Pneumatic Scissor Lift & Tilt, and Floor Level Lift & Tilt for feeding and offloading with hand pallet trucks.

Pallet Handling Equipment

If you load or unload pallets manually, Presto has a solution that will allow you to do it more efficiently.

Presto Manual Palletizers are available in a wide range of configurations including; auto-leveling spring or airbag, hand pallet truck accessible, and operator controlled lifting and lowering.

Most units also have built-in turntables to facilitate nearside loading and unloading.

PowerJak™ Powered Pallet Trucks


Presto offers over 10 styles of tilters for use in a wide range of container handling and assembly applications.

Available in Hydraulic, Pneumatic, DC Power, Floor Height, and Portable configurations

Turntables & Turntable Lifts

Whether you need a floor mounted turntable, a fixed height stand mounted turntable, or scissor lift turntable, Presto lifts can satisfy your requirements. In addition to the products in this section, we can also custom configure a turntable solution for your specific application.

Post Lift Tables

Available in Hydraulic or Electromechanical, Mechanical or Hydraulic Cantilever, these post tables are ideal for die handling and a wide variety of other uses.

Hand Pallet Trucks

Presto Lifts offers several types of manual and powered hand pallet trucks. From our economical HPT Units, to standard-duty RL50/RL55 models to our heavy-duty RL65 models. We have a hand pallet truck to satisfy every need. Our RL55G hot dipped galvanized and RL55SS stainless steel models are ideal if your application requires chemical or corrosion resistance. Finally, for the ultimate in convenience and ease-of-use check out our PowerJak Series of powered lift and powered drive pallet trucks available in 3,000 and 4,500 lb. capacities.